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Pattern Concrete

County Drives specialise in the installation of pattern imprinted concrete. This product has a variety of names, some of which are shown below, however all these varying names relate to the same product.

Low maintenance driveways
  • Pressed Concrete
  • Printed Concrete
  • Presscrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • Cobblecrete
  • Bosscrete

The term used for this type of paving varies slightly from region to region however all refer to the process of a solid layer of concrete which is then imprinted or stamped with a pattern of your choice and then coloured and sealed to give the impression of cobbles, crazy paving, block paving or even wood.

There are quite a few benefits over other types of paving which helps this surfacing option to stand out.

Benefits of Patterned Concrete

  • Huge range of patterns, colours and finishes to choose from
  • Hardwearing and weather proof
  • Ultra-low maintenance compared to other paving options
  • Weed free and stain resistant
  • Does not sink
  • Does not fade

So, if you are sold on the idea of a low-maintenance driveway or patio which oozes visual appeal then give us a call today or pop down to our showroom to see some examples of the finished product.

Examples of Pattern Printed Concrete

County Drives Visualised Our Dream and Made it a Reality

Mr & Mrs Charles from West Bridgford

One of the few remaining true craftsmen

Andy Biggs from Staffordshire